To be the prominent source of flair management, administrative training, team building and leadership consulting across the globe.


To facilitate our clients by providing consulting services for attracting, retaining and developing tactics to motivate individuals, groups and enhance organizational commitment.


Admiration – value each person
Cooperation – team up to accomplish task
Standing – reliable from talk to walk
Integrity – differentiating right from wrong and following what is ethical to self & others
Quality – demonstrate the finest of all efforts
Liability – be responsible for your actions

At SRIBP, our core fundamentals are that business will keep on improvising and nourish in positive manner by embracing & demonstrating the values. Vast number of business operating currently have similar values but only those survive to succeed that conceive solid reputation and strong brand along with the ability to retain their workforce. The key to survival is to tie close a knot of action and words together. The originality in spoken words and driven actions must remain the prime objective. For example; understanding and responding to customer needs, delivering prompt and standard quality to clients, and ensuring that workforce is working in close coordination with the management. Values that are clearly carried out and assist business in motivating its staff to be “action oriented” and “be highly competent” to make great impact by sustaining high quality and standards.


As Founder & director of Scientific Research Institute of Behavioral Psychology, Haq is responsible for overseeing the company’s overall strategic direction, planning and execution. He currently sits on the board of Scientific Research Institute of Behavioral Psychology.

Adnan ul Haque

Director and Founder

He has nearly 10 years of experience building profitable, high growth human Resource counseling & consultancy companies. He most recently served as Senior Consultant and HR Personnel at Stanford College UK, one of the leading educational institution in London for ATHE modulation. Haque successfully grew Stanford College UK to high reputation and then developed the modern enterprise resource planning for optimal utilization of resources.

Prior to Stanford College UK, he was career counselor and lecturer at T&J Academy where creative means of tutorials were designed under Haque’s supervision and guidance. He has been awarded honor shield of employee of the year for his unmatched leadership skills.

Adnan ul Haque has successfully completed Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from London in 2011. Prior to it, He did his Master of Public Administration from the faculty of Administrative & Management sciences, University of Karachi. He stands as third at the department and stands second in Bachelor of Public administration (HONORS) Program.

Adnan also holds a certification in Diploma in Business Administration, Information technology, Hardware & Networking, ecommerce & web mastering.


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