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SRIBP is making significant efforts to continuously improve and respond to the client’s need. Innovative techniques, new designs, excellent features, and improved course-plotting, we are confident that you will not just find SRIBP easy to use but also like the changes we have developed for you.

Career Guidance

The first stride towards becoming what you intent is when you discover what you want to be!

This is a specially designed program for young people currently in high schools and universities to assist them in mapping their career choices. choose right option that will bring long term success in personal and professional life. Your personal satisfaction is our main focus.

Number of students get matured in their college and university years but still have o initiate difficulties in pursuing right career path. More students learn at times more confusion is added. We provide career counseling to students how to manage risk and remain on right track of their career graph.

The prime objective of Career guidance is to help you in identifying your true potential, explore and capitalize your hidden talent that you are yet not familiar with. SRIBP ensure that you do not get confused with wide range of choices but you choose what is best for your personal and professional career prosperity. We aim to make you reach where you aim to stand by assisting you in decision making and problem solving. SRIBP have expert analyst that provide counseling after analyzing your abilities. Our Career Analysts also sets objectives for you and you can trust the transparency of approach as it is unbiased in providing advices.

It can give a real boost to self-confidence reassuring them in their ability to achieve their career goals, now aligned Your self-confidence, personal skills, and personality traits are boosted to accomplish your career targets and we work to ensure that your interest and personal abilities are aligned with your career objectives.

If any of the questions below sound familiar, you would almost certainly benefit from our Career Guidance program.

  1. Am I studying the right subjects now?
  2. Am I certain that I’ve made the right choices for my future?
  3. My exam results weren’t as good as I’d hoped – what do I do next?
  4. Am I totally happy with my course? If not, is it too late to change?
  5. Am I studying in the environment that’s best for me?
  6. Should I take a gap year? If so, what should I do?
  7. Would my CV benefit from showing some voluntary work?
  8. My degree doesn’t seem to be helping me with job applications – what should I do?
  9. How can I get started when everyone is asking for previous experience?
  10. I don’t seem to be getting any interviews – is my CV okay? How do I seriously improve it?
  11. I get the interviews but never the job offers – what’s going wrong?
  12. I’ve just started my first job, but it doesn’t seem right for me – why is this?

Careers Advice Programs

Where do you stands on the ladder career today?

In the competitive environment today everyone is facing different types of challenges today. To respond to these challenges in a rational and appropriate manner the SRIBP team assist you. To face and respond to these challenges in a competitive way you must know where do you stand on your career ladder. SRIBP works to develop your abilities to be adaptive and cope up in the prevailing environment. We work to make your strengths count, your actions are result oriented and you have strong knowledge about real organizational settings.
No matter from which age group you belong and what is your background, SRIBP team is serious to work to improve your professional abilities. Our team is non-judgmental, highly qualified professionals working on the only objective to improve your market reputation.
Our motive is your concern is our concern so that on every stage on your career (from basic schooling to retirement) we provide you best advices. SRIBP offers a well planned comprehensive set of programs at every stage of your career.

Career Coaching

A descriptive scientific researches and detailed discussions with our previous and present clients we understand the need of situation and provide career coaching to ensure that you do not get stuck in problems at any stage of your career. Those individual who have trouble in their career and rectify it should approach SRIBP. Our coaching career program is also beneficial for those individuals who are unsure about their right direction.

What is it?

The sessions of one to one coaching is designed for your smooth progress to reach where you intent at first place. SRIBP coaching program will facilitate and guide you to accomplish your goals in desired manner. We also ensure that all sort of barriers are erased and manageable steps are taken to reach your ultimate target.

What are the benifits of coaching?

SRIBP coaching facilitate you to have a practical support. We motivate you to strive towards challenges in a rational manner. A coach will assist you in every step of career, ensuring that actions are aligned with designed strategies.
Self confidence and self belief is developed in you through coaching program.
SRIBP coaching helps to bridge the gap between you and your lacking skills. When goals are clear there is more chances to accomplish set objectives.

What does a coaching session look like?

one to two hours coaching program between a client and coach will shapes your mind in constructive manner. Your specific actions, outcomes, and your fundamental flaws are being address and possible solutions are provided to you. The mutual consent of both parties is essential before next session. Every individual client is different and therefore they are being dealt in a different way. Our coaching program includes: designing strong CV, constructing your self-marketing campaign: writing professional letters, interviewing skills, and right choice in career investment, confirming career objectives.

How many sessions do I need?

SRIBP recommend you to have a session with our experts to have significant outcomes. You will experience immediate benefits in sessions. The number of sessions depends on your personal approach and mutual consent with your coach. For a consultation contact us at


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